Curtain Track

Piet Hein decided to find an absolutely harmonic geometrical design by means of mathematics. His Superellipse® solved the double contrast between the circle/ ellipse and the square/rectangle.  The Superellipse® has been used in town planning, construction and sport stadiums.  Piet Hein also used it in some of his own, famous, design products.

The Piet Hein Superellipse® curtain track is the first track designed with the cross sectioned geometrical shape of the Superellipse®, adorned with the Piet Hein logo. As an extra, exclusive feature, The Piet Hein Superellipse® curtain track has been designed to allow for Aluproff’s innovative LED light to be added. The LED highlights the beautiful curtain track – and your curtain fabric.
Unique, just like Piet Hein.