An innovative and versatile rug collection

The creative character of the rug gets exposed when we plan its placement strategically. It will contribute to a unique setup in a room, one that gently invites new forms of interaction and thinking. The Superellipse ® works as a bridge between the familiar shapes that we frequently use and see. Their everyday presence has led to that we don’t notice them as shapes anymore. We blindly rely on their functions, which we are used to, but they do not exceed our expectations nor do they feed our curiosity.

The innovative quality of the rug lies in how it creates and integrates into the room. It does not consume too much attention, but it won’t stay unnoticed. The organic curves soften up the abstract corners and the slightly bended sides accentuate the straight lines in a room. It balances with the space that is not covered by the rug but it does not let space go to waste. It opens up the area and unifies the entire space. It establishes harmony both between objects and between people.