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Piet Hein's sculptures is always connected to a geometrical shape, in other words never abstract/emotional determind. Which could indicate that his sculptures are spin-off from more specific task's, as it was with the Super-egg that came as a result of his work of planning the "Sergels Torg" in Stockholm using the SUPERELLIPSE®.

Together with private individuals, companies as well as town planning departments Piet Hein A/S is working on turning Piet Hein's sketches, models etc. into the size and material that was originally intended.

Helix helios - The Sun-dial

Helios Helix by Egeskov Castle, Fyn was consecrated 2 May 1989.

Helix Helios conducted in three sizes:
  • Havemodellen: 1,80 meters
  • Parkmodellen: 4 meters
  • Slotsmodellen: 11 meters

The Cube

The sculpture "The Cube" - revealed at Augustenborg, donated by "The Bitten and Mads Clausen Foundation" to the city of Augustenborg. Present at the occasion was members of the Clausen family, representatives from the town hall and many more. The cube itself weighs 5.000 kg.- it goes as deep into the ground as it rises above it.

The Super-Egg

The Super-egg at the town of Skjern.

The largest Super-egg in the world: 4 meters tall.

The Lyre of Space

Thanks to the generosity of almost 100 sponsors, it was possible to realise an old dream of Piet Hein's - to see the mobile 'The Lyre of Space', about 40 cm in size, enlarged 20 times, up to its 'natural' size of 8.5 metres in diameter.

The official ceremony took place: 1999-08-12.