SOMA-Cube, Natural Oak (FSC), 8x8x8 cm, invented 1933

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From time to time efforts have been made to devise a puzzle in three dimensions. None, in my opinion, has been as successful as the Soma cube, invented by Piet Hein, the Danish writer whose mathematical games, Hex and Tac Tix, are discussed in the first Scientific American Book of Mathematical Puzzles. In Denmark, Piet Hein is best known for his books of epigrammatic poems written under the pseudonym Kumbel.)

Piet Hein conceived of the Soma cube during a lecture an quantum physics by Werner Heisenberg. While the noted German physicist was speaking of a space sliced into cubes, Piet Hein's supple imagination caught a fleeting glimpse of the following curious geometrical theorem. If you take all the irregular shapes.that can be formed by combining no more than four cubes, all the same size and joined at their faces, these shapes can be put together to form a larger cube.

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